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Bruno Tadashi YamaguchiSoftware Developer


I am a software developer based in Brazil. Back in 2019, I transitioned from working as a tax consultant to pursuing a career in programming. This change was inspired by my belief in the potential of technology to enhance efficiency and automation in all areas of work. Nowadays, nothing else is built without technology.

Fast-forward to today, I work professionally with Java even though I explore the JavaScript ecosystem for side projects.

As you may know, JavaScript is known for constantly introducing new libraries and frameworks. Trying out these technologies has amazed me, as sometimes things don't work out the way we want, and that's okay! That's how real life works. It's always nice to try new things to find something that works and makes sense for us. This motivation keeps me going on the journey of continuous learning.


Developer at Certezza Consultoria Empresarial 2021 — PRESENT Tax Consultant 2013 — 2020
  1. 2021 — PRESENT
    Maintain a software designed for tax analysis, aiming to identify opportunities to reduce taxes.
  2. 2019 — 2021
    Supported the IT team for two years by operating queries in Oracle Database to export reports for taxes analysis.
  3. 2013 — 2019
    Supported the tax team for six years by acting as a consultant of federal tax, writing legal opinions about tax matters and reviewing coworkers works.

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